Mudsills or soleboards for shipping containers

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Soleboard, Mudsill or Jack pads for stable surfaces*

Resists fracture, dampness and rot-proof

Base plate automatically positioned in the center of the mudsill

Easy to clean

Recycled and recyclable materials

Reusable and customizable with colors and brand logo

Color : grey

Do not damage floors and painting


Use only on stable surfaces

Working Load Limit = 5,5 tons  (12125.42 pounds)

Safety factor = 1,5

Maximum number of mudsills piled up = 5

Acceptable pressure with 20°C = 35 kg/cm² (77lb/cm²)

The mudsills can stand high-pressure cleaners up to 200 bars at 80°C (176°F)

We offer a 3 year warranty in compliance with the terms and conditions of use

*For hard ground, we use "Ekistack" for stable surface, because the ground is resistant


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Data sheet

2 cm / 0.06 feet
26 cm / 0.85 feet
26 cm / 0.85 feet
1.5 Kg / 3.30 pounds

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