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Laurent Placé CEO Ekistack

CEO: Laurent Placé

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Communication: Isabelle Calvi

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Technical directorRémy Fonder

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Ekistack Produit Made In France

I am Laurent Placé and I will be speaking to you today because I am sure whilst perhaps, not all of you are aware of our company EKISTACK,  I am sure however you will all be interested to learn more about our company, our range of products and how it will affect your business in the future.

In 2006 whilst on site at stage discussing scaffolding with various people I was shocked to learn from a union leader that no hard and fast regulations were in force to protect the lives of workers in relation to the "Mudsills"

I am sure you are aware also that many accidents, injuries and deaths, could be avoided had companies not "cut corners" by using inadequate, rotting, wooded mudsills often cobbled together with a couple of nails. Our products have system to track the exact date of production to ensure you are rotating your stock of EKISTACKS.

Apart from the danger to the workforce, delays in completing a project and of course expensive accident insurance claims, I was surprised something so vital had been such a low priority whilst working as Technical Director on various projects in the world of entertainment. I was overseeing health and safety regulations on projects for example films of Jean Besson, who as you are aware I am sure was responsible for the film 5th Element amongst others.

At this point I turned my attention to inventing a safe, robust, easy to install, long lasting and of course sensibly priced product to offer prestigious companies such as yours.

Having enjoyed my Eureka moment, I am proud to have patented our EKISTACK MUDSILLS which will make your projects both easier and safer than they were in the past.

I am confident, our 3 exclusive ranges of heavy duty EKISTACK mudsills products, will meet all of your needs, provide a solution to all your mudsills problems, and of course keep your workers safe.

Quick to install, no additional nails etc are required, as the socket positioned in the centre of the base plate makes our products easy to position and is reusable, making them an inexpensive but practical option for all of your projects, wherever the project is, or where weather or surface problems might occur.

Our "one stop mudsills shop" offers the following.  .

  • Range A  STANDARD EKISTACK is suitable for all stable surfaces.
  • Range B  EKISTACK FIREPROOF is also for all stable surfaces.
  • Range C  ECKISTACK UNIVERSAL is the number 1 product for all surfaces.

Should you require it, we offer a personalised EKISTACK with your company logo to cut down on theft and to promote your company. Minimum quantities apply, as do quantity discounts.

EKISTACKS are manufactured exclusively in France by a workshop of highly skilled professionals.

We pride ourselves on supplying top quality goods, whilst employing physically handicapped staff, using recycled plastics and helping the environment.

Range C is reinforced with a metal insert but ALL of our products are safe to use on even the most expensive or fragile surfaces, marble, tiled floors etc EKISTACKS leave no damage traces.

Our products are date coded to show clearly the month and year of manufacture, and come covered by a full 3 year guarantee in compliance of conditions and use.

Please find enclosed our fact sheet for your perusal, which deals with technical features, sizes and relevant information we know you will find useful now or in the future.