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We offer the best solution to your weight

distribution problems on any type of ground

Laurent PLACE

CEO: Laurent Placé

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Communication: Isabelle Calvi

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Technical directorRémy Fonder

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Ekistack Produit Made In France

My name is Laurent Placé, I 'm the founder and CEO of Ekistack, a French manufacturer of scaffolding mudsills in Paris, France.

I'm writing to introduce the Ekistack scaffolding mudsills.

Our products are made of recycled plastics which offer increased safety and sustainable development.

They are reusable making them highly cost effective. They are easy to store and track through a unique code which provides the month and year of manufacturing, with a specific color chip for each year.

As you may know, many scaffolding accidents are due to inadequate wood mudsills.

After consulting a French scaffolding union in 2006 and discovering that there were no regulations for scaffolding mudsills, I decided to create a heavy duty mudsill, to help improve worker's safety.

We now offer three lines of heavy duty mudsills "Ekistack":

  1. "Ekistack" for stable surface
  2.  Fire proof "Ekistack" for stable surface
  3. "Ekistack" for all type of surface

For hard ground, we use "Ekistack" for stable surface, because the ground is resistant. For other types of grounds we use "Ekistack" for all type of surface because there is a metallic structure inserted in the mudsill which assures the even distribution of the weight.

It's not necessary to use nails with my "Ekistack" because there are sockets to position the base plate in the center of the mudsill.

We use recycled materials to make our "Ekistack" in France.

"Ekistack" are manufactured by employees with a disability and are used in two key fields: construction and entertainment.

The technical features of these "Ekistack" are described in the product specifications sheets.

The lifespan of "Ekistack" isn't determined yet. But if no problems are found, the "Ekistack" can be used for several years.